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Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination

While our office is accessible and located in a convenient location, our staff can come to you or meet you at a convenient location. No matter the location, our staff has a range of experience and degrees and is ready to get you involved with the services and providers to help you with a range of services. 

Keystone counselling and coordination provides a team with a range of degrees amongst our staff as well as backgrounds in nursing, disability, youth and families in crisis. With this kind of experience you can be confident that you're receiving high quality service from qualified practitioners.




Psychotherapy is similar to counselling in that it involves an interactive process between a practitioner and individual. However, psychotherapy is used to address patterns in behaviour or thinking which underlie current or reoccurring issues. Patterns can show up in ways of thinking, behaviours, emotions, interactions with others, or dynamics in relationships. Psychotherapy is delivered to clients in ways which is designed to address the underlying causes of the presenting issues.

As an example, cognitive-behaviour therapy is often used in psychotherapy to target unhelpful patterns of thinking which underlie a behavioural issue, such as over-reacting. Whilst there are differences, the aim of counselling and psychotherapy are the same in that a practitioner will work with you to create change and bring about positive outcomes for you.



Counselling is a process which allows individuals to focus on specific issues relating to their current situation. Individuals often turn to counselling when they are are at an impasse and are not sure which way to proceed. An effective counsellor enables individuals to grow through gaining insight, resolving personal issues, or making effective decisions. 

The role of the counsellor is not to make decisions or resolve issues for you, but to offer guidance and support so that you can discover appropriate solutions to issues and your own ways to bring about positive change.


About Us

Keystone Counselling and Coordination is a small business, located in Mayfield and servicing the Newcastle Region. Since its founding Keystone has grown into a full time 14 person office, with great contacts in the industry. Despite this growth our team has maintained strong personalised care that caters to the individual.

Newcastle Australia

Contact Us

For hearing impaired or interpretive services, please contact:

National AUSLAN Interpreter:  1800 246 945 or

AUSLAN Interpreting Services: 1300 287 526 or

TIS National:  131 450 or

286-292 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia

(02) 4054 9684

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